Nikos Kolesis

Published 2014
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

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SYNOPSISOEDIPUS CYCLESTHEATRE –OPERA-NOVELBegan the Theban CyclesBegan the Circles of Oedipus ,Oedipus Rex , Oedipus at Colonus ,Antigone, Jocasta .Started cycles of Oedipus B and Antigone BCompleting the circles of posthumously,Reveal the past -MoreSYNOPSISOEDIPUS CYCLESTHEATRE –OPERA-NOVELBegan the Theban CyclesBegan the Circles of Oedipus ,Oedipus Rex , Oedipus at Colonus ,Antigone, Jocasta .Started cycles of Oedipus B and Antigone BCompleting the circles of posthumously,Reveal the past - present and futureWhat we know and do not know.PRIESTOmniscient Oedipus we came to ask youHow to save the city .Make your miracle as you did beforefrom bitch Sphinx .OEDIPUSThebans rocked my soulFrom the evil that found us.OEDIPUS -BWhat I would not give to not hearThose who I heard.1OEDIPUSFavorite AntigoneIn who country we reached now.In who country will accept your blind father.Ah! Daughter-my daughterChild unholy fatherUnfairly wander in Foreigner.DANCESang little AntigoneSangBlind Oedipus and his daughter Antigone arrived in Athens where the wretched king resorted suppliant in holy Kolonou, asking protection from the goddess.Theseus, the ruler of Athens protected the human.Who killed his father ,He married his motherAnd had children together.2Do not happen these terrible facts.Phoebus asked to leave the impurity that contaminated the city,This who killed Laius when he went pilgrimIn oracle of Delphi.Great Oedipus said front in all that discoversThe guilty.Rumors said that a wayfarer killed Laius.OEDIPUSCry the seer TiresiasTo uncover the culpritTo save the city.TEIRESIASI know the truthBut I can not sayLiving great drama.OEDIPUSSpeak testy old mansomeone you hideDo not shout the guards.TEIRESIAS3Big OedipusYoure the guiltyYou killed Laius .OEDIPUSTiresia careful what you saywill not regret that you are blind.TEIRESIASMisfortune OedipusYou are father and brother of your childrenYou are a man of your motherWhere did children with her.You are the one who killed his father LaiusOn the way to Delphi.Then Oedipus accused Creon that hePut Tiresia say these nonsenses.JOCASTAWell why you cry like little childrenMy husband and my brother fightingAs roosters .DANCEWhat said the wise seer4Its awful and terrible .JOCASTAAn oracle said that my husbandWill be killed by his sonThat would make with me .But Laios was killed by robbersin the crossroads road for Phocis.Once the child was born - we gave to a shepherdTo fly in Cithaeron,After we tied up his legs from ankles .OEDIPUSOnce I heard that it should not have to hear .I make what I should not makeThe curses come true.JOCASTAMy husband you put me in great concernAsk what you want to know .OEDIPUSWas Killed no one of the fray.JOCASTAA servant who I sent him away after the murder.5OEDIPUSIs a great need to see him .When the shepherd came revealed to OedipusHow he gave the baby to another shepherdThat took him and went to Corinth.Growing Oedipus learned that an old oraclesaid that he will kill his father ,And will marry his mother.For this he left Corinth and went to the oracleDelphi to ask what makes.In the crossroads road for Phocida killed his father ,Laius without knowing .JOCASTATogether we will uncover the truthTogether in life and in death .The child that I gave birth with LaioWe left him in KitheronaBecause we knew the Oracles .OEDIPUSI want to see the shepherd .6MESSENGERLovely king OedipusLearn how youre not child of PolybosAnd Merope.Fearlessness you can turn in CorinthAnd take over the kingdom .Your parents are not your parentsI myself gave I you in these newborn.You are a foster son .OEDIPUSHow you found me .MESSENGERFor my good luck I found you in Cithaeron,I was shepherd and I kept flocksI saved from certain death.See toes of your kegsTo understand.It was drilled with hammersFor this they call Oedipus .The shepherd gave you to meHe knows ,He is a servant of Laius .7OEDIPUSWho Theban knows the shepherdI want to knowWho is my generation.Jocasta entered convulsed in the houseGone mad.DANCEking OedipusComes the shepherd.OEDIPUSCome you know this old man.SERVANTI can not rememberWho is my king.MESSENGERTogether we watch the flocks in KitheronaAnd we had good companyRemember me I gave you the baby.OEDIPUSAnswered that he asked for the child.8SERVANTSince I gave the childDying every day.Yes I gave .OEDIPUSWho is the generation.SERVANTMy KingYour wife knowsThis gave the child.An old oracle saidHow this childwill kill his parents.I gave him in this shepherdTo goes to another countryAnd be saved.OEDIPUSMy Light is the last timethat I see you,I sink in deep darkness.AlasWhat evil fate to haunt me.9I am a child and killerThose gave birth me,I made wild murder without I knowJocasta had pitiful end ,In frenetic situation it entered in the palace shouting.IOKASTIAli and tris AliThe mad, the bad motherThe bitch had children with my children ,I had man and father of my children my sonWhere was their brother .Running walked into Oedipus , torn up like a wild beast.In vain was looking to Jocasta his wife and mother.He found the unfortunate fallen on the floorWith a sword nailed in the abdomen.Just Oedipus saw Jocasta deadstood and began to cry bitterly .stood and began to hitAnd curses shouting unintelligible words.On his big madnessPlunged fingers into his eyesAnd tore with his own hands .10Thrilled flew bulbs on the floor ,River started running the bloodBathing the whole said ecstatic.OEDIPUSNow I leave for the immense country of DarknessNo one might notTo touch me ,Until I find the light - the Uncreated .Better to die thenThey cast me in Cithaeron .ATHENSCREONThebans will sent to the holy city of AthensAsk from Oedipus ,To go back to Thebes.Alone it turns in ForeignerTogether with his daughter Antigone .OEDIPUSYoure asking to go back to ThebesWhere they found me many trials11To confirm the oracle .The city of Athens will conquer ThebesThrough cycles of Eternal Return.Eteocles and Polynices my childrenThey will not get the power .Quickly comes their celestial burial .I do not turn backHere in Athens I will live happySo commands cosmic justice.DANCEStarted the cycle great time of ReturnBegan the war of chaotic ThebesAnd big time Athens.Both sides of Same- currency.OEDIPUSOne day they will avenge the starsComes total Catastrophe.CREONNobody can notlive in the light,Who will lead you.12OEDIPUSAntigoneAntigone where are you.CREONWe will steal AntigoneTo turn behind in Thebes.OEDIPUSTerrible you can notmake this.You will have the same fate as me.CREONHold on OedipusNever came out in good.THESEUSNobody will hurt OedipusHe is protected from goddess AthenaAnd mine.OEDIPUSUnintentionally I married my motherAnd had children with her.13CREONThebes will decide for OedipusAnd his children.Her people commands what I make.DANCEThe age-old rivalsChaotic Thebes and Big Time Athens.OEDIPUSEteocles and PolynicesMy two children were killedfront the walls of seven-gate city of ThebesCaused great hubris.The death of brotherly hand is unsaid.DANCEUncreated Light of worldΙt pulled into the black hole of postmortemMuch afflicted Oedipus.ALL TOGETHERThis is the democracy of the big timeThis is Story.14NIKOS KOLESIS