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Legends of Home Lenka Vodicka

Legends of Home

Lenka Vodicka

Published October 18th 2010
Kindle Edition
111 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“Have you ever lived a legend?Do you want to experience magic?How certain are you of your surroundings?Perhaps that girl outside with the long skirts is actually a Faun who is careful not to walk in the mud. And the warm currents that brush against you when you are swimming in the river could be a breath of a slumbering mirror dragon, guarding his cage of fools gold. Legend of Home peels back fabrics of reality to show a world rich wonder and magic.And when this magic comes in contact with the residents of a small California town, Nevada City, the results are inspiring.Our world is thick with possibilities. Legends of Home explores a few of them through the eyes of the young people that frequent downtown. Their growth reflects on Nevada City, the heart of the gold country. They learn to trust, to love, and to live. The legends they encounter and the legends they become remind us how precious the human experience is.Legends are everywhere. Introduce yourself to the legends in this book. Perhaps youll recognize a few.�You have just read the original back cover of Legends of Home, published in 1992. Since then Legends of Home became a legend of its own. Inspired by the genre referred to as “magic realism� or “urban fantasy� the book carved its place in literary history.Lenka Vodicka wrote Legends of Home when she was nineteen years old. By now she is an accomplished writer. Her portfolio includes four novels (Legends of Home, 1992, Moonwater, 2000, The Goblin Queen, 2005, and The Book of Darkness, 2006), four plays (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 1993, Peter Pan, 1993, Robin Hood, 1993, and Where the Wild Things Are, 1999), and numerous articles and short stories published in literary magazines and newspapers.Academically, Lenka earned the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing (from University of California at Santa Cruz, 1994) and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (from National University, 2007). She holds a Professional Clear Multi-Subject Teaching Credential (from LAUSD, 1999).Her podcasts are available through iTunes and at lenkaland.comMastery of writing, personally and professionally, runs in Lenka Vodickas blood. It was recognized by the Jack London Writing Award and the National Scholastic Writing Award, among others. You will find it materialized in Legends of Home, Kindle Edition. Get this book and enjoy!