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Church People Will Kill You Padrika Gray

Church People Will Kill You

Padrika Gray

Published May 13th 2004
ISBN : 9781594675003
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Just ask anyone, Have you ever been offended by someone in thechurch?  Almost every time, the answer will be, Yes.  Is itpossible not to offend?  Few have mastered it, and none of us cameto God perfect or equipped with politically correct behavior.  Woe untothe world because of offences.  Matthew 18:6-7About the Author:A devout Christian for over 20 years discusses straightforward, real andsensitive issues that affect the Body of Christ today- things that areseldom addressed from the pulpit. The author proclaims, for the one towhom much is given, much is required.  God requires all of us to walkworthy of the vocation he has called us to.  Luke 12:48 ~ Ephesians4:1-32Chapters:Some topics include: Calculated Offenses, Unfaithful & Untrustworthy,Another Sheep Has Left The Fold, Are You A Fighter?, A Whore Is A Deep Ditch,The Members Of The Clergy, What About My Reputation?