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Midnights Pentagram Alexa Duir

Midnights Pentagram

Alexa Duir

Kindle Edition
358 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Isoldes grandsire comes to stay, he brings along trouble in the shape of her aunt Trudi.Preoccupied by everyone leaving her to sort out Trudis occupation of the house, Isolde fails to realise there is a far more sinister occupation taking place - as someone tries to take over her soul.Shocked to find she cannot even act as a Lawspeaker, Isolde is isolated. Then her children are attacked. To find out who is doing this to her, and why, she has to find a way to free herself from a threat from a ghost. That means tracking through the Greek werewolf community to uncover old wounds which leads her back to a member of her own household and the childhood of a colleague.With Declan in police custody and Isolde drained of energy, she and Michael race against time to prevent her death and protect their children. With or without Declan, and with the odds stacked against them, they have to face their most difficult battle yet.